Saturday, June 23, 2012


We are cruising to eat at every restaurant on State Street in Orem.

 So, does Menchies count technically as a restaurant?  Regardless, it does sell items to eat and it is on State Street.  That was my place of choice tonight, because we had gone out to eat for a late lunch in Payson earlier today.  I’ve heard of Menchies before from Phil's Seattle trip. And I had some samples last summer when John, James, Phil and I went to the “Taste of Provo” event.  The Taste of Provo happened at Riverwoods where many restaurants had booths and we got many samples, including Menchies.   
In the Orem store tonight we walk in and just one other family walked in before us.  We had some samples and I ended up with Greek Lemon (yum) and chocolate and coconut.  Both John and I really liked the coconut one. We got lucky in timing because a dance recital must have just ended and it got really crowded after us.

Big Rock Candy Mountain
Cool connection. Last week, I had been with Phil driving highway 89 and stopped at Big Rock Candy Mountain.  Of course, I had to buy a small bag of small candy rocks. Yep, they had various sizes of rock candy you could buy.  I remember stopping there as a child with my parents. And I remember getting some rock candy.  I was a bit leery this time, because I don’t remember them tasting very good. However, in attempting to relive childhood memories, I bought a bag, thought only bought a small one.  We brought it home and we opened it on Father’s Day.  I think the quality of rock candy must have improved since I was a child.  These were good, and they were chocolaty inside.  After eating a few, I wondered if it was worth a trip back down highway 89 to get some more. 
But guess what?!? At Menchies, they have rock candies as one of the toppings.  Now I know where to get more rocks without driving so far.  But the scenery at Big Rock Candy Mountain is worth going to see too – and they have more kinds of rock candy too.

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