Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Domino’s Pizza

We are cruising to eat at every restaurant on State Street in Orem.
     Does advertising work?  Phil and I were driving on State Street and saw a billboard that advertised a large Domino’s pizza for $5.99.  I thought about that as we drove by and thought of the two other pizza places that offers pizza for $5.  I couldn’t think of a time when I had personally ordered Domino’s.  Well, a few hours later as it was time to go home and we were tired and hungry, I remembered that billboard. Fortunately we were in Provo and Siri  (my new friend) found me the phone number. So we called ahead and by the time we got to Orem the pizzas were ready to be picked up.  I loved the spice flavor on the crust.  I was reading the box, which they tried to make entertaining, and had a bit of a cool history of how Domino’s started.  What is double neat, I find out later, is that Pizza Pie Cafe founder drew his inspiration from Domino’s too.  I really did love the spice flavor on the crust.

Friday, May 10, 2013


We are cruising to eat at every restaurant on State Street in Orem.

    Had an occasion to chat with a wonderful friend, so decided to go out to breakfast.  We met at Kneader’s.  I love talking with her and before you know it, we’ve spent much longer than I anticipated, but all delightful.  She is the type of person that continually thinks of other people and what she can do to help them out.  Not much to make a breakfast nicer than spending with people you like.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pizza Pie Cafe

We are cruising to eat at every restaurant on State Street in Orem.

   I drove Phil and 2 friends and watched their team play in the AAU Tournament in the final JV game (which was a tough loss).  The game was at 6 so we were headed home after 7:00 with two of his teammates.  I was hungry.  I offered to take them to a nearby Subway.  Someone said Pizza Pie Cafe. I thought that sounded great.  Willie had taken us there to eat one visit in Idaho and I really liked it. Loved the buffet pizza idea; plus salad and pasta. (Turns out from looking at their website, it was the first one.)  I proceeded to look for the nearest one on my new-fangled cell phone GPS (I am liking this Siri GPS capability).  However, Phil piped up and said, “No, let’s go to the new one in Orem.”  I had heard a new one was opening in Orem.  “Okay, so where is it?” I asked. Phil said it was right by Ridley’s where the video/game store used to be.  WHAT!  I had no idea it was so close.  That is exciting.
   So, we headed there, worth the wait of driving.  The employees had t-shirts that said “Your Mom loves Pizza Pie Cafe” on the back.  Yes, that was true.  I was eating well, grabbing the smaller sized slices of pizza to try lots of the varieties.  Surprisingly, I liked the peach dessert one even better than the chocolate one.  I thought I ate a lot until, when we were finally ready to go, Phil’s friend announced he had just finished his 16th piece.  Good stuff: Value is even better if one goes between 2:00 and 4:00.  This will be a repeat!