Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Domino’s Pizza

We are cruising to eat at every restaurant on State Street in Orem.
     Does advertising work?  Phil and I were driving on State Street and saw a billboard that advertised a large Domino’s pizza for $5.99.  I thought about that as we drove by and thought of the two other pizza places that offers pizza for $5.  I couldn’t think of a time when I had personally ordered Domino’s.  Well, a few hours later as it was time to go home and we were tired and hungry, I remembered that billboard. Fortunately we were in Provo and Siri  (my new friend) found me the phone number. So we called ahead and by the time we got to Orem the pizzas were ready to be picked up.  I loved the spice flavor on the crust.  I was reading the box, which they tried to make entertaining, and had a bit of a cool history of how Domino’s started.  What is double neat, I find out later, is that Pizza Pie Cafe founder drew his inspiration from Domino’s too.  I really did love the spice flavor on the crust.

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