Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mi Ranchito

We are cruising to eat at every restaurant on State Street in Orem.

    Double good eating experience this evening, made especially enjoyable with John’s brother and wife along for company.  While downing chips and salsa, I wondered when this restaurant opened.  Looked around and found my answer on the wall (under their sign on the mural it says "1983").
    I have fond memories of being a young and beautiful wife sitting at this restaurant with my strapping husband, savoring the moment of just being with him.  He was hungry after a long day of work, but I did not order anything because I had already eaten, and was just along for the companionship. When the meal was brought, our waiter thoughtfully brought me a bowl of rice pudding too. 
    Back to the present though. Being with Bus & Susan magnified those memories because we had lived just a block from each other during our newlywed years. What a delight to have incredible people both as family and friends. Years later, here we are at the restaurant planning a family reunion, where we are the ‘older’ generation now. 

 You can check out the restaurant's history on their website.

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