Thursday, August 23, 2012

Texas Roadhouse

We are cruising to eat at every restaurant on State Street in Orem.
     While enjoying the company of C&M the other week, they told us about Texas Roadhouse.  It is relatively new in Orem, and we had not eaten there.  They said if we go M-Th before 6, then the menu prices are discounted.  So, we determined to go together this week.  Then M learned that she had to stay late at work, and encouraged us to still go. So we did.
Walking in, I followed a bit behind C and John to get a picture of their shirts.  C’s shirt is from the Rec Center where he has put in many swimming miles.  John’s shirt is from the recent Thanksgiving Point one-half marathon where he took 2nd place in his age division. These two are tough men.
    I forgot to eat lunch on Thursday, and by 3ish when I remembered, I decided to hold off so I would be hungry as we were eating early to get the discount.  They brought rolls, and we ordered a blooming onion as an appetizer, the salad was big and nice, so by the time they brought my sweet potato and steak, I was rather full.  Phil was glad I brought a steak home and he took care of it nicely for me.
     A huge flag of Texas hangs in the restaurant.  When I see the Texas flag now, I think of James because the flag is similar to the flag of Chile.


Diana said...

What? That is on State street!!? I love their rolls. I will have to go there...whenever we come to Utah

Suzy said...

I love Texas Roadhouse too! Brycen loves it for the steak, I love it for the bread :)