Saturday, January 26, 2013


We are cruising to eat at every restaurant on State Street in Orem.

   So, I get to go to YW camp this year.  I went to the Shalom camp meeting this morning.  Wow, tons of information. And then I just explored their website which has a couple of more tons of information. I took the GPS / compass class and ended up lost.  I thought this would be easy. Cool thing was to meet up with Suzy at the meeting for the last class.  Then we went out for lunch.  We chose Dickey's as it was on the way home for both of us.  First time for me, but Suzy knew her way around and showed me the free ice cream they offer.  This particular restaurant building was where Sconecutter used to be. I was sad to see Sconecutter go.  
    It was nice to visit with Suzy.  It is always nice to visit with Suzy.  She took this pix for us on her cool new phone. Another new discovery nearby is Sprouts – cute little grocery store with sometimes killer good prices on produce. 

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