Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rice Wok

    We are cruising to eat at every restaurant on State Street in Orem.

    So many reasons to go out to eat this week!  First, I lost my chief cook this week and I’m determined that our destiny is not cold cereal or prepared packages.  Part of the solution is to step up State Street dining.  Second, is that it is Valentine’s Day.  And along with a zillion other, it is a great time to eat out.  I e-mailed John to suggest that the meal planning for today is out.  He came back with the fabulous idea that we get take out and take in to M&C.  Recently C has been homebound.  John suggested it would make a fine Valentine’s evening to share dinner with them.  After a few phone call coordinations and a crazy busy night at restaurants we had a table nicely set and ready to go at M&C’s home.  Delightfully, Phil joined us. M even broke out the Martinelli’s. 
     We love this restaurant.  It is family owned and has many repeat customers.  This is definitely not our first, nor our last time eating there.  When we say “take out”, this is what we mean.  If they are really busy and you need to wait a few minutes, they are very courteous and typically compensate with extra portions.  Tonight was amazing!  I ordered lemon chicken and sesame chicken on top of their 4 person special (in anticipation that Phil was joining us).  Even after our long and wonderful conversation we have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow’s dinner.  Don’t worry Chef Michelle, we haven’t starved yet; though we still miss you! Phil was excited about his fortune cookie promise – we'll let you know when it comes true.

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