Friday, March 22, 2013

Pizza Hut

We are cruising to eat at every restaurant on State Street in Orem.
     Listen to all these reasons to get pizza:  1) Friday,  2) not wanting to cook, 3) NCAA basketball March madness, and 4) John did not want to eat out, but was okay with ordering out.  So, obviously pizza seemed like a good option. And we were right near the Pizza Hut when Phil was talking about dinner out on the phone with John.  So, we parked and ordered and spent most of the time while waiting for the pizza trying to get Phil to let me take a picture of him.  He let me take a picture of his eye;  I told him this was not an I-phone.
   NCAA brackets:  I love how you can choose them online and it fills in all the blanks for you as it goes along.  However, two years in a row now, I procrastinate too long and the tournament starts before I get it filled out.  In contrast, Phil carefully filled out 6 brackets.  After the first round Phil moaned that all but one was now trashed.  In his remaining bracket with any hope, he has KU losing to VCU; I know a lot of Jayhawk fans that will disagree with that.
    Well, for watching the games tonight, we ordered the special with two medium pizzas and some pasta.  That is tasty pasta.

Good looking kid!

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