Saturday, May 26, 2012

Asahi Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar

We are cruising to eat at every restaurant on State Street in Orem.

  Okay, this could be a hassle to try to eat out once a week if we’ve had a busy week.  However, John and I found ourselves with a bit of time at lunch on Saturday before heading back up to more basketball games. Where to go next?  We could just continue South on State Street.  The decision was whether to stay just on the West side of the street or to alternate back and forth.  Are we going to lock ourselves into a pattern?  Nothing formally has been decided about pattern still.  After some debate we decided on Asahi, the next restaurant on the East side of the street. 

  We drive up and the sign announces Asahi Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar.  Hmmm, can’t think if I’d ever eaten at a Japanese restaurant before? I am not much of a sushi fan; not even sure if I’ve had it.  I asked John if he’d ever eaten at a Japanese restaurant before.  “Just at prom,” he stated.  That got my attention. Quizzing him about that experience, he said they had gone to one where you sat on the floor mats to eat.  He hadn’t expected to have to take off his shoes.  He was worried during the whole prom dinner about having stinky socks.  Today though, he would have happily taken off his shoes as his feet were tired.  But this restaurant didn’t have seating on the floor. So, fortunately he kept his shoes on.  

   I was impressed with the décor as we walked in and the lighting and atmosphere makes you forget it is Saturday midday.  Black table cloths protected on the top by a brown butcher paper with a red stamped name of their restaurant was creative.  I talked with the waiter while John patiently listened in about what Japanese fare was all about.  He explained and described the Sushi and other menu options.  John ordered the “Bento box” which ended up looking sweet in a beautiful box serving dish.  Dressing on the salad was pretty good.  I tried to be brave and get sushi.  Remind me not to be brave too often.  I’m a fairly timid eater.  But I did like the fish that kind of melted on your tongue as it warmed to mouth temperature.  And I really liked the cute little pile of ginger served with it with the intent that the ginger would clean your palate between the various tastes.  Didn’t know that palate cleansing trick before, and it seemed to work and was tasty too.  I liked the look of the square plates and mini dipping bowls. Next time I will order the Bento box and not be so brave when I’m not a fish lover.

Post Sushi Story:  Came home the next week, after Suzy’s clarinet recital and there was a plate of sushi on the table. Everyone there had made sushi just for me.  Sliced Twinkies with little candies here and there, wrapped in green fruit roll up.  Sweet kids.

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