Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cruising Concept

May 5, 2012 
So, for a few years or more, John has been talking about going on a cruise.  As time progressed, the focus came to be a cruise to see the Panama Canal.  John is an engineer, plus we so enjoyed seeing the locks at Rochester NY and at Seattle, so he thought a cruise to Panama would be cool.  Some dear friends were planning a cruise there last November, until heart problems put that on hold. However, we did learn from them it was a two week long cruise.  So, a two week cruise sounded a little intimidating to me.  I thought it would be great for us to take just a three or four day cruise first, just as a dry run so to speak, so we would be more prepared for a longer cruise.  I began pulling up prices and dates for June and getting ready to order a short cruise for us.  We went out to eat and we talked about the idea.  John said he’d been contemplating about why he even wanted to go on a cruise in the first place.  We don’t drink or gamble, and have heard there is plenty of opportunity for that on a cruise.  But we do like to eat though.  We’ve heard about wonderful meals and buffets available.  John admitted that the good eating was one of the main things driving the attraction to a cruise.  And even better was the price was all paid up front, so not the stress of worrying about the cost or tips each time.  So, that sparked an idea.  Combine the idea of eating with one of our other goals of supporting local businesses, and wa-la! I proposed that we do a State Street cruise.  We can take the money we would have spent on a cruise and instead eat out at least once a week.  Our goal will be to eat at every restaurant (at least once) on Orem State Street.  We won’t stress about the cost because we will save that by not going on a cruise in June.   We happened to be at a restaurant on State Street while having this discussion; however it is located just over the border in Lindon, so we could not count that as a start.  Have to get to a restaurant for the official kick off of our State Street Restaurant Cruise.

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