Saturday, May 12, 2012


We are cruising to eat at every restaurant on State Street in Orem.

May 12, 2012 
  I wanted to get out and have some time with John to talk over things so suggested we go out to eat.  He did not want anything fancy or time consuming.  So, as we started driving, I did not suggest anywhere.  We had not yet established a pattern (i.e. North to South) or just random, so I kept quiet to see where he decided to go.  We drove past Carl’s Jr.  – one of his regular stops because of the multitude of coupons we have for there from the BYU ticket stubs.  But then I realized where he might be going.  This was the day before Mother’s Day.  I was anticipating a call on Mother’s Day from our missionary son, James, who is serving in Chile.  James used to work at Wendy’s while saving up money for his mission.  So, that was a very appropriate choice of a place to go to eat.  In fact, as we walked into the door, there was a young man working there who had his back to us and he was tall like James and it took my breath away for a moment as I could imagine it was James. 

  Recovering myself, I ordered a Baja salad. John saw the special side of a baked sweet potato.  We still have scrumptious memories of ordering our first baked sweet potato at a little roadside restaurant near the border of New York and Ohio.  It was huge and smothered with cinnamon butter and made us love the idea of baked sweet potatoes.  John liked this Wendy’s version too, though it was more of a normal potato size.  

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