Friday, July 13, 2012

Chef's Table

 We are cruising to eat at every restaurant on State Street in Orem.

   This evening my thoughts led to Presentation.  We went to Chef’s Table.  It is labeled as fine dining and we’ve only been there on special occasions.  Kind of nice to go on a non-special occasion.  It is the last restaurant on State Street as one heads south.  Perched atop the hill between Orem and Provo, it has a nice valley view.  We noticed some friends there celebrating their anniversary and I walked over to chat for a moment.  They had a great view and could even see the Provo Temple from their window.  Our table looked out on State Street.  I don’t say that as a bad thing.  In fact, it was very good because the restaurant had built a little fountain out by their front door and so, truly our view was of this lovely little fountain as we gazed out our nearest window.  They gave us the opportunity to choose something lovely to focus on.  And we did.
Sweet Chili Glazed Salmon

   Our meal came and I had to take a picture.  It looked great.  This fine dining experience was defined by looks as well as great taste.  On the first bite of his steak, John was so impressed; he told me I had to try a bite. Their web site states “Chef’s Table is dedicated to providing the best food that not only looks good but tastes great.”  A little extra thought to make the plate look so good.  
    I got thinking how "Presentation" applies to me, for instance, how I present myself to others and especially to my family.  Just a little extra time to put on that smile or kind word.

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