Saturday, July 28, 2012


We are cruising to eat at every restaurant on State Street in Orem.

   Out to dinner tonight with dear friends C and M. We talked about cruising.  They have been on many cruises.  They had booked a cruise to Panama last fall and we were excited to see how their experience would be because of John’s desire for a cruise there (see first blog).  Unfortunately, all around, C had a heart attack that precluded their Panama cruise plans.  However, still determined, he was in the hospital telling/asking the doctor, are you sure I can’t go? The doctor replied that he could go if he wanted to be buried in another country (or we wondered burial at sea worked?!?)
    Well, we are glad he pulled through that scary time and we got to eat and visit with them today. C likes the variety offered at Chuck-A-Rama because the medications he currently takes for his heart ruin his appetite and typically he can find a couple of things that will spark his interest. Conversely, I had no problem with appetite. And, since it is a buffet restaurant, I tend to go with value in mind and eat way too much.  At least, I did a little smaller portion size on each of the items that sparked my interest.  
   I began and ended the meal with dessert.  Maybe it is time for a new “no desserts for X amount of time challenge.”  Anyone want to join me on that challenge?


katyapetrovna said...

So good to see that after heart attack your friend feeld good now. I'll pray for this health.
I wanna join you with the dessert challenge!
I've been shooping today and all shop keepers were telling me I am 2 sizes larger than I think. And all the clothes I tried on were saying I'm at least 3 sizes larger... so sad! :( definetely no desserts for me for some time..

Dorothy Gillespie said...

Yes! Let's do it and I'm ready to start today.