Saturday, July 7, 2012

Apollo Burger

 We are cruising to eat at every restaurant on State Street in Orem.
   We needed to get gas in the truck and in the car.  We drove to Smith’s and used our rewards card with $1.50 off per gallon and using the 35 gallon max got both of them mostly filled up.  Saved us $52.50.   I mentioned this, in part because we drove both cars to go out to eat tonight, just a few blocks away from Smith’s at Apollo Burger. 
   John and I had each have enjoyed lunch at Apollo Burger a couple of times with different people.  I’d only gone through the drive through, and had remembered good onion rings.  Tonight I walk in wondering why they are named Apollo. Then I saw baklava on the menu.  So I ordered some.  But still wondering, I asked.  The worker noted that they also have gyro and other sandwiches.  I didn’t see those on the menu on until after I had ordered my Philly cheese steak or I might have tried a gyro.  But I really like Philly cheese steak, so maybe not. 
   As we were eating, I was watching who I perceived to be the manager hovering around.  I was curious whether this was a one local restaurant only.  Turns out there are eleven locations in Utah, but still comparatively speaking, a pretty local place.  And recommended by me.   
   While we ate, I told John about an article I read about income disparity in the United States (thanks to a Facebook lead).  Article link is here.
    And we discussed money and making money.  I think I feel okay about money unless I start comparing myself to others. My perception about saving $52.50 on gas definitely changes if I compare myself to someone who lives on just $200 per week, or to someone who makes $625,000 per week. 

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